Trust the magic of beginnings

2016 was supposed to be a good year. Actually, I asked for a great year. I deserved it, as I have been waiting for a long time to have some nice things in my life, to wake up happy and excited about this world that I have created on my own.

Well, it spit on my face, to say the least. In the beginning of January, my Godmother, the one person that never criticised me for my decisions or for my choices in life, who would always support me, died. A cruel and avoidable death. Loosing her crushed my heart and I felt very lonely, missing her, wishing I could turn back time and pick up my phone to talk to her.

The first week of February was when I got dumped. Tuesday, my not-boyfriend decided that I was an obstacle and a set back in his life, so he kicked my ass. Through Skype.

Two days later, I got dismissed from work.

So here I am, 28, no man, no job, no future. Only one plan to get me through the next days without hitting my head on the walls and a very tiny, almost invisible hope that things turn out for the best.


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