Breakfast – Toasts and kiwi

Breakfast, for me, is the first happy moment of the day: I usually prepare it before going to sleep, so I wake up looking forward to it. During week days I used to eat it very quickly, sometimes even standing, but on weekend I always sit down, grab something to read and eat calmly, before allowing the day to actually start.

One constant in my breakfasts is cup of skimmed milk with coffee. I’m not a fan of coffee, but it cannot miss my mornings. Ever.

Today I had two toasts made with a very yummy corn bread. In one of them I spread peanut butter and in the other one cashewnut butter.

As it is tasty and good for your digestive health, I also ate a kiwi.

Sometimes, as was the case of today, I wish I could re-eat my breakfast allover again, even though I’m not hungry anymore.


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