Saying goodbye

Goodbyes are too hard. Sometimes it is easier to just leave unseen, let people find out you’re no longer there once you’re far gone.

Even when you know it is for the best, even when you think that that last day may be actually the beginning of something better, even if you didn’t stay in that place for a lifetime, it is hard to say goodbye to the things you love. But it is even harder to say goodbye to the people that, somehow, made part of your daily life. Some of them were not always nice to you, some of them were not your friends, some of them were a little bit annoying, some of them took your patience to a whole other level you didn’t know existed, but you were used to see those faces everyday, you recognised those voices without even looking, you had some private jokes, or nice conversations, or you shared key moments with some of them.

I used to wake up everyday looking forward to go to work. It was my sweet escape from the instability in my chaotic personal life. The one thing that really mattered. Turns out it was, also, the place where I met amasing people, who taught me a lot about them and about me, with whom I lived awesome moments, who have, at a certain point, become what I may call friends.

In that company, for the past year, I’ve grown a lot professionally, but personally as well. I admit: I used to have second thoughts about my professional skills and it had terrified me to become the only person in charge for the department I worked for.

In the end, I found out that I have managing skills, that I am a very good professional and, on top of that, that I create nice relationships with almost everybody I work with.

I left that place that I thought of as my home (sometimes more than my actual home) feeling sad and nostalgic, wishing things could had turned out differently, but proud of myself and of what I have built during the past year.

Being confident and self-assured are not features of my personality, but today, saying goodbye – literally and metaphorically – I felt like I own a little bit of the world.


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