Workout plan – Day 1

I was a bit tired of repeating the same exercises all over again, although I had two workout plans.

My awesome sister in law heard me complaining about it and about how I couldn’t see as many changes as I thought I would, so she recommended me the website I wasn’t that convinced, as it was strange to have my exercise plan made by a computer and not by a person who would look at me, know my abilities and make my physical evaluation. But I went for it, and downloaded a 28 days workout plan, each day for each part of my body. Starting monday, with chest and triceps.

So there I went to the gym, 35 minutes walking, to begin this new lifestyle, skeptical as always.

It felt actually great, especially because I was challenging myself, pushing a bit forward, trying to make it count for real.

Narrow push-ups kill me!
Post workout: red fruits jelly with quark

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