Lisbon is alway a good idea

Tuesday was a day entirely spent in Lisbon.

I have always had a huge crush on Lisbon, I go there whenever I can, but it doen’t happen as often as I wished. So when I knew I had to go there, it wasn’t a problem. In fact, it was the breath of fresh air that I needed.

After a whole week of rain and winds as strong as tornadoes, it was sunny and not cold at all. Perfect for a 3 hours trip (during which I slept almost the entire time), for which I only had three plans: attending my meeting (it was the compulsory one), having a Pão de Deus from Padaria Portuguesa (sweet breads with coconut on top – the best ones ever!) and meeting my cousin.

In fact, plans never go as we intend them to, so I ended up being driven around by my uncle, who even offered me lunch, which meant that I had time to take my Pão de Deus with a white chocolate latte in Starbucks, under a nice, warm sun, in Belém.

Later, right before the sun disappeared, I walked along the river to Rossio, where I met my pregnant cousin, who drove me to my cousin’s place. I hugged him for half an hour and his mother drove me back to the bus station.

And everytime I go there I come back sure of the same thing: Lisbon is beautiful, indeed, but it is its light that makes me extremely happy.

My breakfast on the bus: the best muffin ever and a good book, under the sun
Mosteiro dos Jerónimos


Not so healthy snacks
Fernando Pessoa’s quotes in Starbuck’s’ bathroom

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