Being at home might be a bigger problem than spending your whole day at the office: you don’t plan your meals ahead and it is easier to skip meals or to keep eating non stop. It requires a great discipline.

Therefore, I try to keep my eating routine as similar as possible to the one I had when I was working, although it is not that easy to respect the same schedule.

Snacks are, thus, very important: you need to take them, but you also need to keep them healthy, without abusing on fat and on sugar.

Here is where I go back to my faithful quark and mix two dessert spoons of it with seeds, fruit, oat flakes, etc.

It tastes very good, it satisfies your hunger and it keeps you on a healthy diet.

With red fruits, half of a banana, sesame and sunflower seeds
With red fruits, sesame and sunflower seeds, oat flakes and dark chocolate chips

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