I see the dawn of a new beginning

Searching for a job in Portugal is not that easy, especially as there is this crazy idea called professional internships, which is basically slave work, only approved and supported by the government. Because of that, companies think that it is ok to offer underpaid jobs to people they want to be 200% committed to the project.

As I was in a humongous existential crisis, being out of job didn’t exactly hit me like a bullet. I actually faced it as a I-have-nothing-to-lose kind of opportunity.

Nevertheless, I had a plan, composed of several sub plans, which consisted of not staying inactive, with no income whatsoever. Furthermore, I had decided not to stay more than one month unemployed here in Porto. I was already searching for jobs in Lisbon, in London and in Paris, but after that period of time, with or without a job, I would leave. The destination would be London.

I decided a date, then I changed it because I was waiting for a feedback on an interview, then I changed it again and when I had decided I would leave on the second week of March, I got the one positive answer I wasn’t expecting, as I was already too skeptical regarding working in Portugal.

I am beginning a new journey, starting of tomorrow: I will be moving to Lisbon, one of the cities of my heart, to work on a project which is completely different from what I am used to.

Despite of being excited, I am kind of terrified of not fitting, not feeling it as my home. Of failing.

But I will take this second chance that I called to myself, that I thought of so hard, for such a long time, that I think came at the right time.

I still don’t believe there are angels looking after us from heaven, but I think, for sure, that my life changed so much this year for some reason and because of a series of apparently independent events which are – I truly believe that – in fact related.


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