Starting over

Sugar and a book on my way to Lisbon

Two heavy big suitcases, one full purse, one stuffy backpack and one very full laptop bag. My (almost) whole life was in the bus’ luggage rack, which turned out to be very complicated once I arrived to Lisbon and tried to carry all of it with me to the taxi.

Well, I had some very useful help, so in the end it was not an impossible task.

I had planned to go to the supermarket before going to bed. Instead, I spent the evening talking to my new and very nice housemate and trying to make myself at home.

I ended up not sleeping as much as I had intended to, as my ming was allover the place.

Still, I woke up to a very sunny morning. I had my usual breakfast (although instead of regular milk I had to take oatmilk, which I didn’t really like) and started my new job.

Being very honest, I hate new beginnings, especially when they are so deep and on so many levels. My first reaction is what the hell am I doing here?! (well, turns out I am a creep too, so I shouldn’t be surprised…). What was I thinking of when I decided this was a good idea?!

Things take a while to settle down and I don’t like indefinitions, so when everything – the city, the house, the job – is new, the change is very serious.

Plus, as I did it on my own, it is way more complicated.

Morning view from my bedroom
Chocolates at the workplace
And the working day is over

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