Gym – Day 1

My new gym is in a 15 minutes walking distance from my house, so I can keep doing what I did back home, using the way there as a warm up.

I was too excited to start working out – I actually put on some fat weight these last couple of weeks, so I needed to go after the prejudice – and I brought everything I needed with me right away.

In Lisbon, gyms are more expensive than in Porto, so when I found a low cost one, with many clubs around the country, which I can use if I want to, I joined in. Today was my first day there and I kept following the plan I had started in February.

I ended up a little disappointed, as it was very crowded (I was used to work out in the morning, when all machines were free) and, the worst part of it!, there are very few machines: 5 or 6 six for legs and 5 or 6 for arms. I think I will have to be very creative…

However, my worst problem were the bars for weightlifting: they’re too thick and too heavy and it hurts my back as hell. The smaller ones are impossible to lift from the floor so I can put them on my shoulders. I’ll have to find a solution for that.

As I said, I’m not a fan of changes as it takes a while to get used to everything…

Still, I managed to complete my legs workout and it felt really great!


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