Recipe – whey pancakes

Pancakes with chili jam, orange with cinnamon and with flax seeds

The power of suggestion is very tricky: it enters an idea in your mind and it bothers you until something else comes up… or until you follow that idea.

That is what happened with pancakes: talking to a friend of mine, he gave me a recipe that I immediately changed and I was eager to try when I had the change. So that was my sunday breakfast.

Ingredients (for 6 or 7 pancakes):

2 eggs

1 scoop of whey (I used mint chocolate)

1 banana (if you use a flavourless whey, otherwise it is not that good)

1 cup of skimmed milk


Put it all in a blender until it’s all liquid. Heat a frying pan, use some olive oil if you want to, and make the pancakes in soft heat.

Eat them with fruit, sirop, jam or even cheese.



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