Me being me wherever I go

I may have moved, but I brought my crazy idiosyncrasies with me to this new town, and it’s amazing to see how my stories can amuse my friends.

First of all, I am delighted with drivers stopping on crosswalks: sometimes I even haven’t decided if I will cross the street yet and they are already stopping to allow me to pass (nobody agrees with me, but I’ll keep my opinion until someone proves me wrong).

The other day I saw a big muscled man at the gym, wearing a muzzle. Yes, like a rotweiller, he had a weird thing on his mouth with irons and leather, and he starred at me in a very creepy way.

Yesterday I had a crazy moment when I thought I would be kidnapped or shot, or both. I ran like hell, I felt my heart popping really strong and I felt terrified for my life for the first time. Maybe it was just a misunderstanding, but as I wasn’t wearing my glasses and I was caught by surprise, I couldn’t tell what was really going on.

On top of that, when I was already in bed trying to sleep, I found out that my car had been mugged. However – obviously! – there was nothing to steal, so they only left a broken umbrella on the front seat.

I once read the sentence If it wasn’t for bad luck, I wouldn’ have any kind of luck at all. I’m pretty sure it should be my motto…


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