Every gym should have a David

I was used to having a gym staff/trainer available to, at least, tell me how machines work and to correct me if I’m doing something wrong. As I follow an online plan (I will talk about it in an upcoming text), sometimes I cannot know if I’m doing the exercise correctly. Being fair, even if it was made by a trainer, I would have things to correct anyway.

I landed this low cost gym very close to my house, which is great and allows me to workout after work, cook dinner or go out with friends and even go to bed early. However, I’ve been noticing that there are some major defects that I was not used to and – which is the worst part – affect my workout: the lack of benches for the big number of members (they are always taken, sometimes by a towel only…); there are too little machines, which makes your waiting time longer than your workout time; and I don’t know where the trainers hide when I’m there: I know they exist, because I’ve seen a few, but they are never around (if I have a question I have to search for them) and they don’t look at us to correct or to suggest some changes.

My workout is quite intense, so I have to mingle with all those inflated guys who lift 30kg dumbbells, and I used to feel a little bit shy as I lift way less than them and I’m not quite sure about some exercises.

And then David came along. He’s an American (I’m guessing) very muscled guy who put his workout on hold to help me, teach me and suggest me some options for the same exercise, more suited to my abilities.

It happened more than once and as he figured out it doesn’t bother me – in fact, it actually helps me – he came to the point where he instigates me and makes me push forward.

It’s great having support like this, as I always workout by myself, and I will follow his suggestion: when you need help ask for us working out down here. Don’t listen to the staff guys, tell them to fuck off. They don’t know what they’re doing.


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