Finding a flatmate

Me moving to Lisbon was planned in a very wide way (I’ve known for a very long time that I wanted to come here and I was doing everything I could to make it happen), but very sudden if we talk in terms of materialising that decision, as I moved within a weekend.

My biggest problem was finding a house. Although I have many friends living nearby, they don’t live in Lisbon, but in a very nice surrounding, which would take me a lot of time – and money! transports here are very expensive – to come to work everyday.

That’s when my only friend from highschool, who has moved to Lisbon for college, told me about her friend who was looking for a new housemate.

She didn’t know – now she does – that it would change my life completely within that major change. My new house is awesome, very close to work (I come and go by foot everyday) and with metro, supermarkets and the river at a short walking distance.

The icing on the cake? My housemate.

I arrived here with the intention of respecting her space, her individuality and independency and not talking too much about her life (or mine), as I thought it was her idea as well: just having someone to split the bills, bothering her the least possible.

But the world is very unpredictable, and we ended up having dinner together almost every night which leads us to sharing personal information about ourselves, sometimes until too late at night, when we both need to go to sleep.

I tend to build a barrier between me and other people, because I know that they always leave, even though we might still share the same space. But having a great home environment such as the one I have is very important for anybody, but especially for those who land in a new town, away from almost anyone they know.


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