Lisbon – Porto – Lisbon

Going back to Porto for the weekend is like a short holiday experience: buying the ticket, packing little stuff in order to bring more clothes, preparing quick meals, planning those 2/3 days ahead in order not to make lost money and time out of that trip.

It is great having people waiting for us, hug them and telling them the news, eating comfort food and disgracing my healthy eating habits. However, coming back is the bad part. Just as in the case of holidays, the way there is exciting, there are many things to do, many expectations, but the way back means 3 hours of reading/sleeping, which is very nonproductive when it is 18h30 and there is dinner to cook, meals and clothes to prepare for the next day, laundry to do, the gym bag to pack, dishes to wash, etc, and you’re stuck inside a vehicle, just waiting for time to pass. The next day, you are sleepy and you feel like you left a big mess behind, which will be waiting for you when you go back home, even if you did your best to get things done (btw, note to self: when you hang your wet clothes, make sure there are no socks inside any towel, as you risk letting it fall on the street).

Still, it is awesome being able to see your family and friends so quickly and so often, as though you live in another city.


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