Shitty mad world

Sometimes, this amazing mad world is just a shitty mad world, where shitty things happen to good people or even to regular people.

The world woke up sad, scarred, terrified watching the news in Belgium. It’s crazy how human beings, who share the same nature as the ones they hate, can kill so many people, so many innocents just for the fun of it, because of an idea, of a religion.

I felt unsafe during the whole day, I was afraid of going into the subway, of mixing with other people, as you can never know who that person besides you is, after all.

Still, I met my housemate and we went for a nice walk in downtown, stopped for a glass of ginjinha with her in a very typical place on a nice street, followed by a great dinner cooked by my mother specially for me, I slept early after eating a piece of ovos moles and preparing everything for today, as a normal person.

Turns out that, while I was just living, being happy, a colleague of mine was suffering a stroke. A funny, nice and young girl, who is now fighting for her life in the hospital, not knowing what will happen to her future.

It could be me, no one is safe from an accident, but it was her, someone close to me, whose place is now empty, waiting for her, who just went to the gym and came out in an ambulance.

It’s crazy how things really change in a blink of an eye…


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