Going back and forward…

My gym activities have been a little bit compromised, as I went to Porto the last couple of weekends, which meant that I had to plan some stuff ahead, and I also had some other plans after work that didn’t allow me to workout. However, one of them was a kickboxing class, which was an amazing experience that I really want to try at least once again. I have been looking for some good places around here to take that kind of classes, but it has revealed to be a quite hard quest.

To make things work, last Thursday I sat in the car for another trip to Porto (for Easter) and my back started hurting like hell. I couldn’t find a comfortable position and I didn’t know why I was feeling that pain. Maybe it was because of carrying two heavy bags of shopping, maybe it was because of my sitting position, but the truth is that it didn’t even allow me to go running, as I had planned.

I was afraid it was my kidneys dying – my sister was kind enough to terrify me –  but I took some ibuprofen and, on Monday, I restarted stage 2 of my workout program. I had to, because those resting days had caused severe damages on my body, especially because I was too lazy and too weak to keep eating healthy, so I ate everything. Almost.

It was good to find out that I was still able to lift as much weight as when I stopped (I always think that set backs are too quick and too severe) and I’m trying to get myself back on track. It is hard, sometimes, if you don’t see that many changes. I’ve been focusing on my belly, which is the hardest part to work, for me, but I am now trying to look the other way and to work the whole body.

The workout plan is for 12 weeks, so we’ll see…


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