Perfect weekend

Sometimes, there’s a click with a person you had just met and you are, in some way, sure that that person will be good for you and that you will be good for them. There’s a shared positive energy that brings you closer. Some people call it chemistry, some people call it luck, some people call it friendship. Well, I think it is a perfect match of the first two, that leads to the third one.

It has happened to me four times, so far, and it has ended up proving me that my first instinct was correct.

Thanks to that, I had an amazing Saturday, having dinner with the first friend I ever did here in Lisbon and her boyfriend, feeling really welcome and part of something. It was like I already knew them for a long time (in fact, they remind me of my sister and her boyfriend, so maybe that’s the source of that familiarity feeling).

Sunday was for family. Hugs, movies, conversations, caressing dogs (some very weird thing is happening to me!) and watching pictures of my new unborn cousin.

These unexpected plans made me feel great about this idea of moving to Lisbon all alone. So far, that was exactly what I needed. And I finally start feeling ok (sometimes even more than that) by myself.


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