At the gym

The gym I go to is the worst I’ve ever been to (it’s the sixth one) concerning trainers’ help and guidance. It seems like they are more interested in PR tasks in order to get customers for PT than in helping people that are already paying a monthly fee.

On top of that, it is very crowded and it has too little machines and benches for the number of people attending it, which is why I have already searched for other gyms where I could train with better monitoring and without needing to wait long times for equipments’ availability.

However, it is also the one where people attending it are the nicest and the most helpful. Almost every day, I get advices from someone who saw me doing a wrong movement or in a dangerous position, stopped what they were doing and taught me, not in a cocky way, not as a kind of flirtation, but because they know how to do it and I don’t.

That is the one thing that keeps me going there and I truly appreciate people that don’t know me at all and don’t get paid for it are willing to help me.



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