Family matters

I had to spend last weekend in Porto, since it was my grandmother’s fancy birthday, and – the true reason – it was my sister’s birthday as well.


I had amazing times, ate a lot (which is stressing me a little bit) and laughed really hard. I hadn’t feel this happy nor relaxed for too long. This kind of serenity was what I had been pursuing for the past couple of years and it was somehow overwhelming achieving it out of nothing, in a regular weekend in the middle of may. Ironically, precisely one year after I got divorced.


I have no doubts: friends are awesome and it is great how some people we didn’t even know were brought into our lives to stay here, to love us and to make us happy. Spending one hour or two having fun and talking to them, remembering old days, is priceless. However, family is what really matters: they’re that group of people who were put in our lives by a random natural selection and who, no matter how hard, how deeply the world spins, will never go away. happiness

Family matters.

And the day I realised that for sure, I felt safe. I am now complete.


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