I really love peanut, whether it is whole or transformed into butter.

I use it in salads, with toasts, with pancakes, in oatmeals or with nothing at all, just out of my gluttony. Some weeks ago, I was truly depressed about the way I looked: I lied on the bed and my belly was so bloated that I looked like a 5 months pregnant woman. I felt puffy, my clothes wouldn’t fit and I cut my portions.

Still, my whole body was normal, except for my belly. I hated it, stopped using dresses and skirts, started wearing only large clothes to disguise my appearance and even quit gym for a while, because I could not stand the way I looked in gym clothes.

Something was really wrong with me. Ok, I had been cheating on my healthy eating plan here and there, but it was not enough to be like that.

Then I realised: I hadn’t change the huge amount of peanuts I had been eating. In the morning, in the afternoon and at night, as if I was drinking water. There was no way my body could escape from that. It is healthy fat, I know, but it is still fat. Plus, it fills your intestines with gas… so there’s that.

Now, I started eating it only in the morning and I will even cut it out a bit, replacing it by cashew and almond butter.


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