How to be single

I always thought that being single was only fun and interesting if you were like all other single women, who meet many men and have crazy and non-stop moments with their friends. I wasn’t doing any of that, which is why I used to think I was only wasting my time, I had to hurry up and meet my prince before it is too late and no one will find me interesting anymore, at least not in time to have babies and a big family.

I came to Lisbon trying to forget that idea that I needed a man and the happy thing is that I found out that I actually don’t. Obviously, life is better when you have someone to share it with, someone who will face difficulties by your side and who will celebrate your happy moments with you.

But on those days when I had nothing much to do and I only went to the gym and stayed at home cooking and watching a movie or a tv series, there was that voice who would whisper on my ear: you are a forever alone, everyone else is out there, having dinner, dancing, having drinks in nice places and going on trips with their friends and you are only wasting your time.

The other night, I watched How to be single – a movie about a girl who becomes single and does exactly what I thought I should have been doing as a single person but, in the end, finds out that this is, indeed, the best time to build a good relationship with herself, taking advantage of those moments when you don’t need to have a relationship with anyone else, not even your friends.

And that was kind of the approval I was looking for. It is ok to be home alone, if that is what I want to do. I don’t need to have a plan for every free night if being at home, or going to the gym or going for a walk by myself makes me happy anyway. This is not a quest for the man of my dreams. This is my only chance of being happy. Everyday. With whatever I have at the moment.


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