Reaching goals

I keep struggling with my body. I am short, my body structure is very narrow and I have a genetic tendency to easily put on weight and fat. I actually used to be way fatter until I went to college, so weight struggling has always been an issue, which got better the day I quit temporary diets and embraced a new living habit. A healthier one.

Still, there are times when things just don’t work, whether it is about my emotional situation at the time, the things I eat or the goals I establish for myself.

Right now, I wish I could define my belly, my arms and my back, so every day I don’t reach that goal, it puts me down. On the other hand, it makes me search for new solutions, regarding food and training plans.

For now, I am cutting carbs and improving protein. I stopped eating carbs for afternoon snack and replaced it with eggs, for example, and cut the fruit I was eating about 5 times a day, mainly out of y will of keep eating and not out of hunger.

At the same time, I was advised to take my training to another level, regarding intensity, so I have been doing hiit (10 minutes) instead of running for 30 minutes, supersets and active rests, with exercises that increase my cardiac rythm, such as:

  • Plank (for 30-60 seconds)
  • Jumps (for 60 seconds)
  • Mountain climbing (15 seconds)
  • Jump squats (10)
  • Squat jacks (for 30 seconds)
  • Rope jumping (for 60 seconds)

There are no miracles and I am trying many different things combined, so I find out what really works for me. It is not that easy when you have no biology basic information, but thanks to the help of the right people and to my own searches, I am confident I will find my way.


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