My couch

A while ago, in the fresh beginning of the biggest (and still ongoing) change that has ever happened to me and to my life, I found myself one late summer evening, sitting on the worst bed I have ever owned, thinking, while tears ran down my face, if I would ever have a couch again.

On that moment, I imagined everyone I knew having dinner with their families, sitting on the couch all together before going to bed… and then there was me, all alone in a dark, ugly and strange room, all alone. Wishing a home. A family. A couch.

Last Saturday, almost two years later, my cousins and I had dinner together at my place. There were 5 of us, plus one, who was already there before coming out to this world. Later that night, after taking some funny and some cute photos, we all sat on my couch and we just stood there, laughing, joking and talking to each other.

As they left and I stayed, I remembered that moment with a very big smile: I ended up having a home. A family. And a couch where to sit them all.


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