The world keeps moving

Sometimes life changes for the best. Sometimes it changes for the worst. Sometimes it just changes.

Mine has been in constant – stunning – change since 2013. First, for the best, then for the worst – downhill. Then, when it hit rock bottom, it kept changing within the worst, never meaning to take me up again.

It finally came to its senses and it started climbing up, always changing for the best, everyday being a new, incredible ride.

Changing is scary, as it takes us from what we know to somewhere undiscovered, it makes you re-adapt – to not crying everyday, to smiling, to a new workplace, to new people, to loneliness. And adapt takes time and requires an inner and exhausting effort.

The day I felt like a fish agonising on the beach, trying to find water, around people that used to be my home, was the day I realised small changes led me to somewhere new: an open space where I can run wild and free.

Yes, changing is scary, but that’s the beginning of the path to comfort again. And to happiness.


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