Portugal in Paris

Watching the game Portugal – Wales in Paris was something a,azing. Back in 2008, while in Erasmus, I had also supported our team within a portuguese comunity in Paris, but last night was something else.

I joined another portuguese girl in Hard Rock Café, in Montmartre. We shared some cocktails and nachos while talking on and on for hours before the game. When it started, it was amazing to be there, in a foreign country, among foreign people also supporting Portugal on our way to the final.

It was very proudly that we screamed and clapped (and commented on our players, of course!) the both of us.

Outside, it was an incredibly warm night, people were celebrating and in this festive backkground, I think I saw the birth of a beautiful friendship.

If not, at least I had a blast and I have created endearing memories that I will take with me for a long time.


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