14 juillet 2016

I’ve had the most amazing days in Paris, the beautiful capital of that incredibly interesting country called France. It has a History, it has people, it has gastronomy, it has traditions, it has culture, it has the language, it has places that have been at our disposal, since the beginning of times.

Still, I felt fear burning me from the inside out any time I went out or walked through a crowded place. I knew, as everyone else, that something could happen. I jumped and my heart bumped too hard twice, because of a strong noise coming from an exhaust  pipe of a motorbike.

Hardly did I know that everything was not ok. The 14 juillet means the joy of liberté, égalité et fraternité. It has been the celebration of human rights since 1789. And on this crazy year 2016, after several attacks in France, freedom has been attacked in a very cruel way, taking the lives of so many people, children included, with it.

My heart is crying; I wish I could hug France. I wish I could hug the world and say that everything is going to be ok. But the truth is… I wouldn’t even believe in myself.



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