“Live today, love tomorrow, unite forever”

Tomorrowland (which is an awesome, yet too long name, so I will call it TML from now on) was such a great concept that I was super excited about going there. In fact, even the day before I could barely believe I would actually be there.

What you don’t know is that the realisation of this idea is way more over the top than I could ever possibly imagine.

I knew the concerts would be great, of course, because almost all of the great names would be there: Alesso, Fedde LeGrand, Laidback Luke, Axwell^Ingrosso, Steve Angello, Steve Aoki, Armin van Buuren and, of course, Martin Garrix (let’s not talk about how heart broken I was that Hardwell and Dash Berlin were not there, ok?). But the truth is that TML is way more than 13 hours of non-stop music.

In fact, it is the gathering of people united by that type of music, which is also a great starting point for 5 days of common living. But it is like there is an invisible gate that brings us all to a new dimension when we enter the plane (or the train, or the car) on our way to Boom, and we all become the nicest people of all, leaving all bad feelings and mean thoughts aside. That was what impressed me the most: you wouldn’t be stepped on or pushed without an apology from the person responsible and everyone would talk nicely to everyone (food areas were planned in order to ease and to promote socialisation).

It gets easier when the organisation is almost perfect (well, there were 450k people there from allover the world, so you cannot expect no lines and none smelly scents, but even that they tried to avoid, bu giving us our elixir of life (a scented wax) and by providing freshing points – sponsored by Dove deos – in every toilet), the range of food at our disposal is so wide that you cannot taste it all, there are very good wi-fi zones, the staff is nice and helpful and the camping site is as good as one can get.

All the 16 stages were even more impressive than what you see on TV and on pictures and it is truly amazing to be there, dancing and singing and enjoying one of the best moments in life surrounded by so many people.

The colours, the fireworks, the flashes, the confetti and sprinkles only accentuate that festive spirit that brings you to your happiest self. And no, I was never high and I was never drunk.

I was only infected by music, as their own hashtag says.

If you’re thinking about going there, but the amount of money spent scares you, I can asure you it is a lot of money, but it is money very well spent.


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