London chronicles – 3

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London by night (Millenium bridge)

When I was young, I decided I loved Shakespeare, so I got almost his complete work which turned out to be really hard to read, especially for a 14 year old who thought it would all be romance and hearts.

I didn’t change my mind, I think he is a genius, but now I know there much more to it than that and that his literature is way more complex, less romance and more philosophy, thoughts and social criticism.

20160827_191712.jpgMy brother – who is my cultural guru without being aware of that – suggested we watched Macbeth at the Globe Theatre. So, the night before, we watched the movie (with the amazing Marion Cotillard) as some sort of homework and, on Saturday, we took our standing places (yes, we stood standing for almost three hours) and although my back hurt like hell at the end of it, it was an amazing experience. Tara Fitzgerald, who played Lady Macbeth, is an incredible actress. I really loved the scene of her going mad, in such deep despair.

The production of this very dramatic play gave it an inch of comedy which, combined with the interaction with the public, provided a great final result.


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London chronicles – 2

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There was an animosity between me and London for several reasons: some of them I already knew, some others I only figured out while out there. Therefore, I felt a little bit choking while waiting for the train that would bring me to my brother’s home, even though I had Afrojack singing to my ears “hey, will you stay with me?”. On that moment, with the past being brought to me by many sensorial triggers, I felt tears burning my eyes. I was stronger than them, though.

My plan was to workout, read, write and sleep but, as I had already told you, that wasn’t exactly what happened and on the very first day I had lunch with my brother near London Bridge. Ironically, it was the first time I had ever ate at Nando’s and I was positively surprised. Chicken is always a good idea, but those seasonings and the side dishes (I ordered a beans salad) were delicious.

As it was near Borough Market, and although I already knew it from other times, I fought my own inertia and my fears and played the tourist for the next couple of hours. While drinking a veggies juice, I walked by weird food stands (ostrich, crocodile, koala, etc. hamburgers; healthy snacks; detox juices;…) until I reached the river, near the pirates boat.

It had already been raining and even though it seemed like rain hadn’t left for good, I let my legs lead me along the river, through Southbank. I thought I was going to London Eye but, in fact, I was going in the opposite direction, which was a great unconscious decision, as I didn’t go back there again. Plus, rain disappeared and the sun kept my self-evaluating thoughts company.

My goal for my days in London was to clear my mind and to heal my heart.

For the very first time in a long time, I felt like I was starting to walk towards that outcome.

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London chronicles – 1

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Don’t make plans.

At least, don’t get too attached to it. That’s my advice, especially after these past Summer holidays when, due to a sequence of events, I ended up buying a last hour ticket to London (through Madrid, which was the better option, but we’ll ignore that detail).

I didn’t like London – it reminded me of the worst year of my life, it brought me too many heartbreaking memories I wanted not to forget, but not to be reminded of. But that’s where my brother and my sister in law live, so I accepted their invitation to spend some days with them. And that was the only thing that made me eager to go: being with them, even if it meant staying home alone all day, waiting for them to finish work.

However, things were quite the opposite of what I had imagined and I ended up having the best and most inner peaceful (if that’s a thing) days I had ever experienced.

My mornings begun with a workout at their home gym. Then I had a healthy lunch, whether with them, whether watching some “Friends” episodes. During the afternoons, I went for a walk no matter where and, in the evening, I had another workout: a cycling class, a boxing class, a muay thai class or just a regular workout at their home gym, with them.

On top of that, they are the best cooking couple I know, so I always had amazing and very healthy meals. As a plus, they taught me a little bit more about eating and training, so by the time my holidays were over, I was in the best body shape so far, with a new eating and workout plan for the next couple of months.

So that’s it: don’t get too attached to your plans – they will change and that is ok. In fact, that may be great.

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