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Meet Arna. She is Miss Iceland 2015 and the owner of a very beautiful face and body, even though she is not skinny, even though she has no abs, even though…

During Miss Grand International competition, she was advised to lose weight if she wanted to make it to the podium. She gave up, in order to defend a different beauty pattern.

In a pageant, rules are meant to be followed. You cannot want to win a sushi cooking contest if you are only willing to cook meat. It’s just not for you, and if you don’t agree with the rules, you might as well not even apply to it.

So no problem so far.


The thing is that, as she said, in 2016 beauty still means being skinny, not eating regardless of how unhealthy that is. There is a culture of the body, of the bones, of a too healthy nutrition to be actually healthy, which is based on fundamentalisms and spread by social networks and social media. In result, people get obsessed about what they eat, how much they workout, how skinny or muscled they look, and life becomes nothing more than following an eating plan. Happiness and pleasure aside. It gets worse as nutrition fundamentalists around us, such as the members of this competition’s jury, criticise our choices and give us poorly thought suggestions as skip meals or eat nothing but lettuce.

It takes guts and a strong knowledge about our goals and the standards we want to be governed by to do what Arna did: quit the competition and do what makes her happier at the moment and in the long run.

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